Good Choices! Vol 1



1. Do A Little!
2. Grateful!
3. It Is Me!
4. Sharing Is Caring
5. Protect My Body
6. Uh Oh
7. One Step At A Time
8. Think You Can
9. El Na
10. Fix The World
11. 3 Things
12. All The World’s Animals
13. Diversity
14. Gonna’ Make Peace (Re-Released)


Good Choices! (Volume 1) Song Lyrics

1) Do A Little!

Inspiration Text:
Rabbi Tarfon used to say, “It is not your obligation to complete the task, but neither are you at liberty to desist from it entirely…” -Pirke Avot 2:16

“Do A Little!” Activity:
Use pointing fingers and motion to encourage interactivity and physical engagement while you listen to the tune. It gets trickier when the songs speeds up!

Point to a boy on the word he, to a girl on the word she, and then use both pointing fingers to point to multiple children. Make a plus sign by crossing the forearms for adds to a lot.

Point to any person for you and to yourself for I, and then make a big circle to symbolize the world.


If he does a little, then she does a little
Then they do a little, it adds to a lot
If you do a little and I do a little,
Then we do a little, a better world is what we’ve got!

I’ve got so many ways I want to give,
Because I want to make the world a better place to live
Through learning and loving, respecting and sharing,
I can change the world through these kind acts of caring

I’ve got so many ways I want to give,
Because I want to make the world a better place to live
For the people, the flowers, the plants, and the trees,
For all kinds of animals, the skies and the seas


2) It Is Me

Inspiration Text:
“Creator of light and darkness, who makes peace and fashions all things. In mercy, You illuminate the world and those who live upon it. In Your goodness, You daily renew creation. How numerous are Your works, G-d! In wisdom, You formed them all, filling the Earth with Your creatures.” -Yotser Or, Liturgy

“It Is Me” Activity:
Collect images of beautiful things in nature by bringing a camera outside and looking very carefully at your natural environment. Alternatively, search for images on the internet and save or print the students’ favorites. Create an art gallery of nature’s beauty in your classroom, and make frequent updates and additions to reflect the students’ interests or the seasons.

Create a log for each student to keep in the classroom and add to the log each time the student does something kind for the environment.


I’ve got a family who takes care of me.
They like and they love me and keep me healthy.
If I need help, I ask and they’ll give me a hand.
And sometimes I wonder who does this for the land .

It is me! It is me!
I help keep nature safe and healthy.
It is me! It is me!
I can care for the flowers and trees.
I can protect the skies and the seas.
I love all of creation, will keep us healthy … It is me.

Look around the world and you will see
Many different types of nature’s beauty.
Mountains and oceans, G-d’s work is grand.
So, let’s protect this world, for it we will stand.


For the people, plants, and animals that share the Earth,
We all need clean air and water from the time of our birth.
We all need a safe place to grow and be strong.
We’ll all reduce, reuse, recycle and remember this song.


3) Kinds of Smart

Inspiration Text:
Howard Gardner’s Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

“If the teacher taught a concept and the students did not grasp it, he should not become upset with them and display anger. Rather, he should repeat and review the matter, even if he must do so many times.” -Rambam, Laws of Talmud Torah, 4:4

“Kinds Of Smart” Activity
Learn more about your strengths and areas of opportunity by taking this quiz: Multiple Intelligences Quiz

Different kinds of people
Are Different kinds of smart
Different kinds of bodies
With lots of different parts
And no two people are exactly the same
We’ve all got different
Smart parts in our brain,
that’s what is the same,
in each brain
Different kinds of smart are contained

Music smart to help me sing this song
People smart so I can get along
Word smart to help me read and talk
Body smart to dance, move, run and walk
Its in your mind
Smarts of so many kinds
In so many special ways, you can find


Picture smart to help draw and see
Self smart so I can get to know me
Seeing smart my eyes help me understand
Nature smart to learn sea, sky and land
Its in your mind
Smarts of so many kinds
In so many special ways, you can find

4) Sharing Is Caring

Inspiration Text:
“Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow; but woe to him that is alone when he falls, for he has not another to help him up.” -Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Sharing Is Caring Activity:
Use the chorus of this song throughout the day to praise and encourage opportunities for student’s sharing.


Sharing is caring
So let’s start sharing
My world needs some repairing
So I’ll be sharing and caring today

Let’s share a smile, feel friendly for a while
Let’s share a wave hello, smiles start to grow

Let’s share a hug, feel warm and snug
Let’s share a kiss we blow, let your love show

Let’s share my high 5, feels good to be alive
I’ll share this song out loud, feel nice and proud


5) Protect My Body

Inspiration Text:
“For in the image of G-d, did G-d make humankind.” -Genesis 9:6
“When injury is likely, one should not rely on a miracle.” -Babylonian Talmud, Kiddushin 39b

“Protect My Body” Activity:
Before introducing this tune, ask students to create a list of the ways they protect their bodies, and then compare their ideas to the ideas included in the lyrics of the song.
Find the beat and move your body! Invite students to create gestures that match the chorus’s lyrics and encourage children to move in a variety of ways to the beat of the song for each verse. For example, clap the beat on the first verse, march to it on the second, and do jumping jacks on the third. Invite children to think of new ways to exercise their bodies each time you share the song.

Also, share this music video of the song:


I protect my body, I’m telling you the truth
I protect my body, in Hebrew, sh’mirat ha-guf
I eat and drink and bath and brush to keep my body right
I exercise and choose good foods and sleep every night, to keep my body right

My body is amazing, it is one of G-d’s creations
With bones and muscles and skin to feel all the world’s sensations
I am thankful every day for the body G-d gave me
So, I will show respect and love, keeping it healthy, keeping it healthy!


I’ll listen to my body, I’ve got to stop and think and feel
Sometimes my body tells me what it needs to grow or heal
I’ll keep my body busy and make my body strong
I’ll stretch and move and dance for fun, remembering this song, remembering this song!


So, since I want to be happy and spend time with my family
We’ll all make choices that will keep us healthy
Protecting our bodies is like a gift we keep on giving
We enjoy our time together, sharing healthy living, sharing healthy living!


6) You Get What You Get

Inspiration Text:
Ben Zoma says, “Who is rich? The one who appreciates what he has …” -Talmud, Avot 4:1

“You Get What You Get” Activity:
When friends or family become upset, encourage students to use the chorus of this song to remind them to try to be content.

You get what you get, and you don’t get upset
You get what you get, and you don’t get upset

All the toys are great but there is one I like the best
When we share toys, I want one more than all the rest
If I don’t get what I want, I know I’ll be be okay
If I start to get sad, my friends know what to say


When I sit at the table and its time to eat
I know I should eat healthy foods but I want something sweet
I see what’s on my plate, and I sorta want to cry
But I make a better choice and give new healthy foods a try


It is time for bed, time to read with Mom or Dad
They let me choose two books, but I want more and I get mad
I’m cranky and it’s late, and I see my parents sigh
‘Til I have a good idea, sing this as a lullaby …


I’ve slept all through the night. I’m in a happy morning mood
I’m thinking about this song and about my attitude
With a small shift in how I think, I will better understand
If I’m grateful, I’ll feel rich, feel my life is grand!

I have what I have, and I am quite glad
I’ve got what I’ve got, I’m content with my lot
I have what I have, and I am quite glad
I’ve got what I’ve got, I’m content with my lot

7) Tikkun Olam

“Tikkun Olam” Activity
This is a “zipper” song, which means that the lyrics can change each time the song is shared to reflect the people and ideas of the community that is singing. Help students brainstorm the ways that they want to help fix the world before sharing the song so that they are ready when it is their turn to sing.


Tikkun olam, tikkun olam, tikkun oh-la-la-la-lam (x 2)

Tikkun olam, means we’re gonna fix the world
To fix the world, _____(fill in child’s name) is gonna ______(child finishes the line) (x4)


8) Uh-Oh

Inspiration Text:
“But repentance, prayer, and charity temper judgment’s severe decree.” –High Holiday Liturgy

“Uh-Oh” Activity:
To introduce the song, “Uh-Oh” teach students that the word in Hebrew that is used to say that a person has done something wrong is chet, which literally means “missed the mark.” Illustrate common behaviors that are correct (on the mark) and incorrect (off the mark) by creating a large target in your classroom. Put examples of correct behaviors (such as helping or sharing) on the bullseye, place examples of poor behavior (such as forgetting to say please) outside of the bullseye, and place the most inappropriate behaviors (such as hitting or name calling) even further from the bullseye. Add behaviors to the chart that are suggested by the song and from student suggestions after singing the song.

“Uh-Oh” Activity:
Make an “Uh-Oh” list in your classroom and then brainstorm ways that students could help fix the problem and demonstrate that they feel sorry for each item on the list. Add to the list and reference it when mistakes are made so that students not only learn to say sorry but also find a way to improve the situation. For example:

If you…
you should
make a mess,
clean it up.
tell a lie,
tell the truth.
knock over a tower,
be more careful and help put it back together.

Uh-oh, uh-oh, I made a mess
Uh-oh, uh-oh, I must confess
I knocked something over, wasn’t looking where I played
It was an accident but I know what I must say

I’m sorry, I’m sorry
I’ll try not to do that again
Will you forgive me, please forgive me
I really hope you’ll still be my friend

Uh-oh, uh-oh, I said words not true
Uh-oh, uh-oh, I know what I must do
Get honest and tell the truth, I feel badly about lying
I might mess up again, I know, but I will keep trying


Uh-oh, uh-oh, my friend is starting to cry
Uh-oh, uh-oh, I think I know why
I knocked over her tower, she worked so hard to make it
It was not on purpose but not nice of me to break it


9) It Only Takes One

Inspiration Text:
This modern prayer may help the facilitator of the activity be inspired to address these ideas: Wake me up, G-d; ignite my passion, fill me with outrage. Remind me that I am responsible for Your world. Don’t allow me to stand idly by. Inspire me to act. Teach me to believe that I can repair some corner of this world.– Rabbi Naomi Levy

“Power of One” Writing Activity
Each of us has a role in making sure that we are all treated fairly and kindly, just like the character One in the story. What are some things you can do ? Ask students to write and discuss several of their ideas.

• Invite someone who is alone to play with you and your friends.
• Send a card to a friend who is sick.
• Stand up when you see a person being hurt by words or by hands.

2. Select two of your ideas and use them to write a new verse for the song, “It Only Takes One” by Miss Emily. Follow this pattern, and attempt to make the first and third lines end in rhyming sounds to match the rest of the song:

It only takes one __________
To __________________________
It only takes one __________
To __________________________

For example:
It only takes one “join us”
To brighten a day
It only takes one kindness
To take pain away

3. How will you illustrate your stanza? List ideas or photos you can take or illustrations you can create. Plan a poster that can be used in a school-wide “Power of One” poster campaign or video. (When planning a video, individual students/pairs can sing their stanza as their picture is shown while the entire class sings the original chorus of the song, “It Only Takes One.”

For posters, be sure to include:
• The slogan “The Power of One”
• your stanza
• any pictures or illustrations
• other decorations

It only takes one
To change a mind
It only takes one
That will remind
It only takes one
to lead community
It only takes one
To change history

One, leads to two, two then three
One brave first step can start with me
One leads two, then three, then four
Start making healthy changes, you’ll inspire more

It only takes one
to hurt a friend
It only takes one
to start amends
It only takes one
so what is new won’t be strange
It only takes one
to start a change


It only takes one
to grow a family
It only takes one
to share community
It only takes one
to be heard out loud
It only takes one
Good deed
to start to feel proud

One, leads to two, two then three
One brave first step can start with me
One leads two, then three, then four
Start making healthy changes, you’ll inspire more
Start making healthy changes, you’ll inspire more
Start making healthy changes, you’ll inspire more
It only takes one

10) Diversity

Inspiration Text:
“Blessed (is the One who) differentiates the creatures.” -Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi, BT Berachot 58b
“Diversity” Activity:
Help students recognize positive elements and characteristics in themselves and their friends. Support the formation of healthy self concepts in all students by regularly encouraging them to appreciate the ways members of their community are similar and the ways they are different.

I’m so glad you’re you
I’m so glad I’m me
I’m so glad we live in a world with

We’ve got different ways of thinking
Different ways to use our mind
But what I know is all the same
We’re each unique, one of a kind


We’ve got different kinds of families
Different kinds of homes
But what I know is all the same
Is we are not alone


We’ve got different kinds of bodies
Different eyes and skin and hair
But what I know is all the same
Is this great world we share

11) El Na

Inspiration Text:
“El na refa na la” (Numbers 12:13), which means “G-d heal her, please,” was Moses’s brief, yet powerful, spontaneous prayer for his sister, Miriam, after she was stricken with disease. “Na” in Hebrew means “please,” so the repetition in the song is a polite appeal.

“El Na” Activity:
The chorus of this song can be written into a get-well card that students send to a classmate who is home sick. Alternatively, let students record themselves using audio or video, personalizing it with a greeting, and email the “v-card” (voice / video card) to the person in the community who is ailing. Upon healing, invite the person who was sick to visit your classroom and share how the v-card made him or her feel. (Be sure to get proper school and home permission.)

Part A:
El na, na na na na na na na na r’fa na la.
El na, na na na na na na na na r’fa na la.

Part B:
I hope that you feel better
And you get well quick.
I pray that G-d will heal you
So you won’t be sick!

12) Be Kind

Inspiration Text:
“Meet every person with graciousness.” -Pirke Avot 1:15

“Be Kind” Activity:
This song highlights how acts of kindness make people feel. Ask children to high-five their friends throughout the day as they see them perform acts of loving kindness.
Incorporate this as a classroom custom. When acts of kindness are performed, encourage both the recipient and the performer of that deed to talk about how the act of kindness makes them feel.

Brainstorm ways to show kindness. Collect students’ ideas in a central, visible location and place a star or sticker next to each act of kindness when a community member performs that act of kindness.


I’ll be kind to you and you’ll be kind to me
“Soooo” we can all be happy (x 2)

If I see you need some help, I’ll come real quick
I’ll care for you if you get hurt or you are sick
I will share my smile and my toys
I’ll be a good friend to girls and boys


If I found something you lost, I’ll bring it back to you
I’ll listen to ideas, and try things that are new
I’ll take deep breaths before I speak when I get mad
Share kind words and hugs if someone is feeling sad