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Shalom, Baby! songs were designed to help parents, caregivers, and teachers Jew-ish ways to meaningfully connect with and teach infants and toddlers.

Shalom, Baby! is a collection of tunes to help families connect, enjoy and support one another as they explore Jewish life. Songs encourage movement, interaction, and suggest props to help support cognitive, social, language, motor and spiritual development.



1)Shalom, Shalom!
2) How Good It Is, How Sweet It Is (Hinei Mah Tov Psalm 133)
3) Thank You! (Modeh Ani)
4) Diaper Time!
5) Hole-y Body (Asher Yatsar)
6. Hebrew Body Moves
7) Atsor! (Stop!)
8) Makin’ Music (Psalm 150)
9. Shalom, Peek A Boo!
10) Bubbles Mah Rabu
11) Thank You God, For This Day! (Shehechiyanu)
12) Miriam’s Song (Mi Chamocha)
13) Please (Sim Shalom)
14) Peaceful Parachute (Sukat Shalom)
15) Hello Blessing, Bye-Bye Stressing
16) Family Blessing
17) Peaceful Ways (Shalom Alechem )
18) I’m here.

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