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Miriam’s Dancing Song Mi Chamocha

Miriam’s Dancing Song is a zipper song that invites participants to move and collaborate as the story of how Moses led the people across the sea.

The song is based upon the text of Exodus 15:11 and 15:18.

The classic tune ‘Miriam’s Song’ by the great Debbie Friedman, may her memory be a blessing, is a favorite tune of many adult participants, especially those that experienced camp or youth group worship experiences that share the tune. This variation, inspired by the same text and including the daily liturgy Mi Chamocha, specifically invites movement and participation, and pairs the Hebrew with a translation- to better prepare these congregants to understand the Tefillah experiences they will join as they grow. This can also be a “zipper” song, so illicit ideas of movements and feelings that the people might have shared at this epic moment.