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La La Love (V’ahavta)

The biblical rule to ‘love the Lord your God’ is one of the most often cited in faith communities.

This song, inspired by the text of the V’ahavta (sourced Torah text in Deuteronomy and Numbers) can be used to help student learn the meaning of the prayer. The simplified translation of Deuteronomy 6:4-7 can teach kids and adults about the meaning of the words typically recited in Hebrew during the Sh’ma section of a service.

Echo songs invite immediate participation and can build confidence and competence in students or congregants.

The song’s verses are designed to be echoed, so it is easy to learn and can be used in classroom, service or “Tot Shabbat” environments.


La La Love (V’ahavta) Lyrics:

La la la la la…love God
La la la la la…love God

With all your heart, with all your might
With all your soul, through day and night


Teach these words, where you live
Wherever you go, love you’ll give


When you wake up, When you go to bed
Write it on your door, keep it in (or on) your head