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How Good It Is, How Sweet It Is/ Hinei Mah Tov

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This is a “zipper” song, so there are LOTS of moves that you can do during each verse, some of the movements and activities that children have suggested that the community have enjoyed are:
Clapping, Stomping, Toe Tapping, Knee Patting, Blinking, Stretching, Waving, Hi-5ing, Jumping, Spinning, Crawling, Doing Ballet, Doing Yoga, Being a Robot, Zombie Walking, Blowing Kisses, Tip Toeing, Texting, Facetiming, Jumping Jacks, Planking, Snapping, Cleaning Up, Shaking Hands, Nodding, Floor Banging, Tushie Shaking, Break Dancing, and Whiteboard Cleaning. Of course, take from this list but add your own, and ask your participants for ideas