Hamotzi Challah Platter And Glass Cutting Board


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Jewish kiddos around the world begin their blessing for Challah, the special bread shared on shabbat with a musical introduction that helps them understand the Hebrew.

This beautiful glass cutting board is especially created for Challah. With a musical introduction printed on it in both English and Hebrew, it will help your children to learn the Hebrew words. Jewish kids can sing the song of the blessings for Challah, the special bread that is shared on Shabbat. Keep this special tradition alive in your house with this lovely Jewish tray. This glass plate would make the perfect housewarming gift for some dear friends who just purchased the house of their dreams. Don’t forget to order one just for your family also.

These words are printed on each platter:

Hamotzi lechem min ha-aretz

We give thanks to God for bread

Our voices rise in song together

As our joyful prayer is said

These words are inscribed, along with the Hebrew and transliteration, on this beautiful board to encourage everyone at your table to enjoy this tradition.

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8×11 inch