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For Shabbat! CD

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Rockin’ tunes to help children and their families celebrate Shabbat! This album is appropriate, educational, and accessible to young children while also meaningful and enjoyable for their families, with songs to delight every age and musical taste!


Miss Emily’s first album, released in 2011.

For Shabbat! Song Listing

  1. How Good It Is, How Sweet It Is
  2. Zum Gali Gali
  3. JCC (There’s Always A Place For Me)
  4. Love Adonai
  5. For Shabbat!
  6. Halalalalalaleluyah
  7. Bim Bam
  8. Shir Chadash
  9. Shabbat Party
  10. Sabbath Prayer
  11. Blessings for Shabbat: Candles, Kiddush & Challah

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