• Invite members and guests in your community to join together to learn and celebrate joyful Judaism.
  • Connect congregants, engage families, and grow community.
  • Highlight the silver linings of this global crisis with and for your community.

We’ve never done this before. Shehechiyanu?

Educator in Remote Residency Packages Include:

Community leadership and Dr. Emily Teck will explore and support leadership’s process to identify the series’ target audience(s) and to  articulate goals for the remote residency engagement. The conversation’s goal is to better understand clearly what the community is looking to offer (and/or I can brainstorm with you to develop options from which to choose that I believe will allow you to increase impact (and maybe even reduce ‘in house’ efforts). Consultation will take place at a mutually convenient time for approximately 30 minutes via video conference, chat, phone, and/or collaborative document sharing. 

Dr. Emily Teck will outline the engagement with a series of ‘lesson plans’ for each of the sessions that will be included in the engagemen that will work together to complement one or more larger goals- in the form of a shared document so that you/your team can review, question, and/or reference.

Using the client community’s provided logo and branding guidelines, the Miss Emily Celebrates team will design promo images and create then moderate the discussion for a Facebook event for each of your sessions, sharing ‘host’ responsibilities with your institution’s facebook page.

‘IRL’, a resource room or library can be made available to support teachers and parents. This is a digital version of that- articles, videos, playlists, product ideas to share with your community and session participants- carefully crafted to match each of the individual session goals as well as the larger series goals.

In conjunction with one or more community hosts or representatives for each session, Dr. Emily Teck will present the materials designed to match the goals identified and the needs of the participants

Dr. Emily Teck’s significant experience in academic research informs her ability to create an evaluation tool (or tools) feedback form for the client community to use edits as they see fit that poses questions that will make the data collected a) easily analyzed and b) quickly actionable. Additional data analysis or research consultations can be made available

Spiritual, Sing-along Programs and Services Typically Include


Opportunities for participants to speak and share with each other


A classic platform for Jewish teaching for people old and young


Participants will be invited share what is good and new to celebrate with blessings!


When your community (and guests) are gathered, we’ll make sure to invite them back for other services and programs

Music & Movement

We will sing, create, and listen to songs both modern and traditional, in English and Hebrew.


Carefully designed visual presentations encourage participation & deepen understanding through pictures, videos, & words.

dr emily teck Play-ful-Prayer-ful-Family-Service-3x2
‘Tot Shabbat’

Services for young children and families on Friday evening or Saturday morning (the focus of Miss Emily AKA Dr. Teck’s research, learn more here)

Intergenerational Services

Services for all ages designed to connect and engage family members across generations


Morning services (any day of the week) to highlight relevance and ritual of daily prayer for modern kids, teachers, and families

Experiential, Educational School Tefillah

Musical services for religious school students and teachers (with or without their families) to introduce, expand upon, and complement school curriculum

Residency and Consulting Congregational Clients: