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Jewish Federation Palm Beach County Early Childhood Professional Development Conference

12:00 am 11:59 pm
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Jewish Early Childhood Educator Conference

This annual gathering of Jewish Early Childhood Professionals is the community’s best opportunity to celebrate and support the growth of the people nurturing and teaching our youngest learners.

Dr. Emily Teck is facilitating break out workshops and the concluding experience for all conference participants.


Amazon List of Books for sparking Spirituality and God conversations

Amazon List of Objects and Manipulatives for Joyful Judaism 

Spotify Playlists of Jewish Music 

90 Minute Workshop: Tiny Humans with Enormous Questions: Exploring God & Spirituality with Kids

This workshop is designed for those with the sacred task and opportunity to discuss critical concepts like faith, spirituality and God with young children. This session will not provide a script to help you answer children’s existential questions but prepare participants to increase their intentionality and facilitate developmentally appropriate discussions in response to those queries. An explanation of developmental theories that can inform your ability to understand and appreciate how children’s social, emotional, verbal and cognitive abilities will inform their expressions and questions will be presented. Practical implementations of these theories will be suggested, and participants will conclude with a discussion to reflect upon their prior experiences in light of the information presented.

Culminating Community Program: Music as a Medium: Strategies to teach Judaism through Song

This workshop requires no musical talent or skill (though if you think you don’t have that, you might be misinformed, and we’ll discover why)! Participants will experience ways to engage in joyful Jewish learning through musical play and emerge to utilize those same strategies in their own teaching environment. Methods modeled incorporate art, writing, movement, technology, and more with music. Participants will learn how music can be used throughout the curriculum; increase song repertoire and knowledge of learning theories that support the effectiveness of musical play as a learning platform. The strategies presented will support different learning styles and personal preferences so that educators can invited students to engage in many ways.


Date: February 17, 2020