5 Things Your Little Kid Isn’t (I Promise) Guest Feature by Kveller

5 Things Your Little Kid Isn’t (I Promise) Guest Feature by Kveller

Kveller.com is one of my personal fav sites for finding advice and ideas about Jewish life with littles. Of course, I’m honored when they publish my work and grateful that my work and ideas are able to reach a larger audience.


I wrote this article back in 2017, when I only had one kid and she was still a baby.

I stand by my assertion that your kid isn’t bad, rude, selfish, manipulative, or rude.

That baby is nearing 5, and she now knows (and will inform other adults) that in our family-  there are no ‘bad kids’ and that I do not believe there is such thing as a ‘bad kid’ or a ‘bad girl or a ‘bad boy’.

Kids are good and might need help, space, practice, or time to learn how to be gentle, kind, communicative- or all the other abilities we wish to foster.

The words we use and the expectations we have matter deeply. If you feel like your kid is any of these things- I highly suggest doing some learning about development (you can email me at [email protected] and I can offer some specific resources based on what you feel like you need to know and your preferred learning method (podcast, books, course, article, whatever…) and/or getting some support for your own mental health so you can practice re-framing and better understanding the people in your life (including you 😉 ) and/or get seek an evaluation to gather some perspective from a person with experience and knowledge in assessing developing abilities.


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